Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Three Types of Web Analytics Metrics

There are three types of Web analytics metrics – counts, ratios, and KPIs:

Count — the most basic unit of measure; a single number, not aratio. Often a whole number (Visits = 12,398), but not necessarily (Total Sales = $52,126.37).

Ratio — typically, a count divided by a count, although a ratio can use either a count or a ratio in the numerator or denominator. (An example of a ratio fabricated from ratios is “Stickiness.”)
Usually, it is not a whole number. Because it’s a ratio, “per” is typically in the name, such as “Page Views per Visit.” A ratio’s definition defines the ratio itself, as well as any underlying

KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
— while a KPI can be either a count or a ratio, it is frequently a ratio. While basic counts and ratios can be used by all Web site types, a KPI is infused with
business strategy — hence the term, “Key” — and therefore the set of appropriate KPIs typically differs between site and process types.

Sources : - DAA
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