Why Do You Need SEO?

Statistics show that 92% of people who find your website get there from a search engine. Google controls roughly 70% of the search market with Bing and Yahoo fighting to get back in the game. The days of the Yellow Pages books are dead. If you’re website does not have high visibility with the search engines, you cannot compete.
Websites ranked number one received an average click-through rate (CTR) of 36.4 percent; number two had a CTR of 12.5 percent; and number three had a CTR of 9.5 percent.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Best Free SEO Tools and Internet Marketing Software

Competitor Analysis

Ahrefs (Free Version) – They have the largest database of backlinks which you can use to conduct audits of your competitors link profiles to steal their best links. You can also use the data to conduct an analysis on your own backlink profile

SEMRush (Free Version) – This tool is really unique in the data it provides, even for free! You can learn your/your competitors top keywords, how much traffic they get, who their competitors are in search and much more!

WebMeUp (Free Version) – The free account at WebMeUp will let you take a look at the backlink profile of your site or your competitors.

Content Creation

WordAI (3 Day Trial) – These guys are the new kids on the block but claim to be able to automatically spin content without making it sound like garbage.

TheBestSpinner (Full 7 Day Trial / $7) – It really is the best spinner and I have used it personally for the past few years on a nearly daily basis. The API is used in a lot of other link building tools. Check out my advanced spinning tutorial to see it in action.

Spin Rewriter (5 Day Trial) – Another piece of spinning software for you to consider. Spin Rewriter has a range of features and comes with a fully functioning 5 day trial.

Spinner Chief (Free Version) – A close rival to TheBestSpinner but it feels clunky in comparison. Either way they have a completely free version of the software for you to enjoy!

Email Marketing

Aweber (Full 30 Day Trial / $1) – It takes the pain out of email marketing and makes staying in touch with you guys easy!

GetResponse (Full 30 Day Trial) – The rival of Aweber, GetResponse offers a similar feature set. It really is just a matter of personal preference between the two of them!


Cloud Flare (Free) – The free Cloud Flare CDN service which help to speed up your sites load time which Google takes into consideration. It also provides added security & protection from bots/spam.

Uptime Robot (Free) – Use this to monitor your websites uptime and get instant notifications if your site goes down for any reason. Use this in combination with the free Pingdom Tools account & monitor.

Keyword Research

Market Samurai (Full 14 Day Trial) – The keyword research and SEO competition modules of Market Samurai are some of the best in the.

Long Tail Pro (Full 10 Day Trial) – A great tool for finding profitable keywords quickly. You can also use the tool to measure the competitiveness of the search results.

Link Building

RankCracker (Free) – My personal SEO tool that is available 100% free. It will show you the quickest and easiest way to replicate your competitors backlink profile & rankings.

GSA Search Engine Ranker (Full 5 Day Trial) – This has quickly become the Swiss army knife of link building targeting over 120 platforms at the time of writing.

RankWyz (30 Day Trial) – Create & manage private blog networks easily with RankWyz. It offers a full range of tools to help you manage everything and publish updates easily.

Inspyder Backlink Monitor (Free Version) – The ultimate tool for monitoring your backlinks. Very easy to use and will automatically sort out all of your tiers for you.

SEO SpyGlass (Free Version) – Use this to discover your competitors backlinks and breakdown key metrics such as anchor text usage. You can also use it to monitor your own sites backlink profile.

Link Assistant (Free Version) – This is part of the SEO Powersuite set of tools and is great for prospecting link partners. However I have hacked it a bit and use it to manage and automate guest posting.

SENuke XCR (Full 14 Day Trial) – SENuke XCR is a very diverse link building tool and is great for creating tier 1 links. It is quite expensive on a monthly basis though but the full 14 day free trial is great.

Magic Submitter (Full 30 Day Trial / $4.95) – This is really the main rival to SENuke XCR and offers very similar features. It can post everything from videos to press releases and is very diverse.

Raven Tools (30 Day Trial) – Providing a full suite of tools the SEO module will spider your site & provide a detailed audit of problems. It has a range of features across SEO, social, content, PPC & more.

Xenu Link Sleuth (Free) – A simple easy to use tool to spider your entire website and uncover potential problems like broken links. This is a great free tool!

Microsoft SEO Toolkit (Free) – Finally Microsoft have made a useful product! The SEO Toolkit will spider your site and report back on any issues.

Pingdom Tools (Free) – Test your sites speed from 3 locations with Pingdom Tools. If you sign up for a free account you can also use it as an uptime monitor.

WebPageTest (Free) – This site is detected to testing your websites load time from a huge choice of browsers & locations from around the world. It provides a huge range of data to help you optimise your site.

Rank Tracking

Rank Tracker (Free Version) – Part of SEO Powersuite this is the best rank tracking solution period. Unlike web based services this desktop application means you own the data and you can track an unlimited amount of keywords as well as your competitors.

SerpBook (14 Day Trial) – Monitor the rankings of all your keywords in the cloud. SerpBook will check the results for you 12 times per day along with other metrics like PR, Alexa rankings & full reports.

SEO Multi Tools

SEO Tools For Excel (Free) – A great plugin for Excel that allows you to retrieve a range of SEO data & metrics. It can even hook up to your Analytics account to create powerful Excel dashboards.

Social Media

BuzzBundle (Free Version) – Made by the same team behind SEO Powersuite, BuzzBundle makes it easier to identify & engage with your target audience online.

DripRevolution (7 Day Trial) – A great service for building a range of social signals to your site at your schedule. They integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+. YouTube & more!

HootSuite (Free Version) – This is my preferred tool for managing Twitter, Facebook and Google+. You can monitor a number of search terms as well as schedule updates to go out.

TweetDeck (Free Version) – Now owned by Twitter this is a great desktop client to manage your Twitter account.

Buffer (Free) – Connect your social accounts to Buffer and you can easily share/queue/schedule content to be published to them. Whether that’s sharing your new post with the browser extension or clicking a Buffer button on someone’s site.

TubeTool Box (Free Trial) – A desktop application to manage your YouTube account. You can do things like bulk follow/comment/message people to grow your audience & reach on YouTube.


Social Locker (Free Version) – This is the Social Locker I use on the blog to encourage social sharing. While I run the premium version you can get the free version right here!

WP Social SEO Pro (Free Version) – Previously known as Social SEO Booster I use the premium version on this which was featured in this post.

S2 Member (Free Version) – A very powerful membership plugin for WordPress, S2 Member is easy to use and was featured in this tutorial. The free version is feature rich!

WPRobot (Free Version) – This is widely regarded as the best auto blogging solution for WordPress. It can pull content from a ridiculous number of sources and when setup correctly can produce some high quality auto blogs.

Source : - Matthew Woodward

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Best Black Friday deals on Supermicro Barebone Servers

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Since that time, products are usually sold at discounted prices.Shop IRON Give $10-$30 Discount on Supermicro barebone sever.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

List of Google Adsense High Paying Keywords 2015-2016

Google Adsense High Paying Keywords/Niche 2015-2016

High paying Topics for Google Adsense:-
  1. Online making money
  2. Health
  3. forex Trading
  4. web Hosting and Domins
  5. Digital Photography
  6. loans
  7. Fashion and Design
  8. cooking recipies
  9. Business
  10. Politics
  11. Laws and lawyers
  12. Technology
  13. Insurance

 Use or create your website on these most expensive and highest paying adsense keywords/niche for earning good revenue.

  1. Mesothelioma Law Firm (179$)
  2. Donate Car to Charity California (130$
  3. Donate Car for Tax Credit (126.6$)
  4. Donate Cars in MA (125$)
  5. Donate Your Car Sacramento (118.20$)
  6. How to Donate A Car in California (111.21$)
  7. Sell Annuity Payment (107.46$)
  8. Donate Your Car for Kids (106$)
  9. Asbestos Lawyers (105.84$)
  10. Structures Annuity Settlement (100.8$)
  11. Car Insurance Quotes Colorado (100.9$
  12. Annuity Settlements (100.72$)
  13. Nunavut Culture (99.52$)
  14. Dayton Freight Lines (99.39$)
  15. Hard drive Data Recovery Services (98.59$)
  16. Donate a Car in Maryland (98.51$)
  17. Motor Replacements (98.43$)
  18. Cheap Domain Registration Hosting (98.39$)
  19. Donating a Car in Maryland (98.20$)
  20. Donate Cars Illinois (98.13$)
  21. Criminal Defense Attorneys Florida (98$)
  22. Best Criminal Lawyers in Arizona (97.93$)
  23. Car Insurance Quotes Utah (97.92$)
  24. Life Insurance Co Lincoln (97.07$)
  25. Holland Michigan College (95.74$)
  26. Online Motor Insurance Quotes (95.73$)
  27. Online Colleges (95.65$)
  28. Paperport Promotional Code (95.13$)
  29. Online Classes (95.06$)
  30. World Trade Center Footage (95.02$)
  31. Massage School Dallas Texas (94.90$)
  32. Psychic for Free (94.61$)
  33. Donate Old Cars to Charity (94.55$)
  34. Low Credit Line Credit Cards (94.49$)
  35. Dallas Mesothelioma Attorneys (94.33$)
  36. Car Insurance Quotes MN (94.29$)
  37. Donate your Car for Money (94.01$)
  38. Cheap Auto Insurance in VA (93.84$)
  39. Met Auto (93.70$)
  40. Forensics Online Course (93.51$)
  41. Home Phone Internet Bundle (93.32$)
  42. Donating Used Cars to Charity (93.17$)
  43. PHD on Counseling Education (92.99$)
  44. Neuson (92.89$)
  45. Car Insurance Quotes PA (92.88$)
  46. Royalty Free Images Stock (92.76$)
  47. Car Insurance in South Dakota (92.72$)
  48. Email Bulk Service ($92.55$)
  49. Webex Costs (92.38$)

  50. Cheap Car Insurance for Ladies (92.23$)
  51. Cheap Car Insurance in Virginia ($92.03$)
  52. Register Free Domains (92.03$)
  53. Better Conference Calls (91.44$)
  54. Futuristic Architecture (91.44$)
  55. Mortgage Adviser (91.29$)
  56. Car Donate (88.26$)
  57. Virtual Data Rooms (83.18$)
  58. Online College Course (78$)
  59. Automobile Accident Attorney (76.57$)
  60. Auto Accident Attorney (75.64$)
  61. Car Accident Lawyers (75.17$)
  62. Data Recovery Raid (73.22$)
  63. Criminal lawyer Miami ($70$)
  64. Motor Insurance Quotes (68.61$)
  65. Personal Injury Lawyers (66.53$)
  66. Car Insurance Quotes (61.03$)
  67. Asbestos Lung Cancer (60.96$)
  68. Injury Lawyers (60.79$)
  69. Personal Injury Law Firm (60.56$)
  70. Online Criminal Justice Degree (60.4$)
  71. Car Insurance Companies (58.66$)
  72. Dedicated Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting (53$)
  73. Insurance Companies (52$)
  74. Business VOIP Solutions (51.9$)
  75. Auto Mobile Insurance Quote (50$)
  76. Auto Mobile Shipping Quote (50$)
  77. Health Records, Personal Health Record 40$
  78. Online Stock Trading (35$)
  79. Forex Trading Platform (20$)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Digital Marketing Terms - A Simple Digital Marketing Glossary

Digital Marketing Glossary Terms


Aggregator:  An individual or organization that gathers Web content (and/or sometimes applications) from different online sources for reuse or resale. There are two kinds of content aggregators: (1) those who simply gather material from various sources for their websites, and (2) those that gather and distribute content to suit their customer's needs. The latter process is called syndication.

Analytics: The measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data for the purpose of understanding who your visitors are and optimizing your website.

Banner Ads: An advertisement that appears on a Web page, most commonly at the top (header) or bottom (footer) of the page. Designed to have the user click on it for more information. o http://www.100seotips.com/digital-marketing-terms.html  

Blog: A personal online journal that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. Blogs are defined by their format: a series of entries posted to a single page in reverse-chronological order. Blogs generally represent the personality of the author or reflect the purpose of the website that hosts the blog.

CAN-SPAM: A series of federal laws that must be followed by all email marketers. Those found in violation of the laws can be subjected to major penalties.

Click-Through Rate: The number of times people clicked on the links in your message. This is often referred to as CTR (Click through Rate). Note: you must have enabled click through tracking in the campaign in order for this to be recorded.

Cost per Click: The amount charged to the advertiser every time a user clicks on a keyword advertisement.

Cost per Impression(CPM): The cost paid each time an online advertisement such as a company’s banner, button or text link loads on a user’s screen. Each time the ad is displayed, the ad server counts it as one impression. Some programs though are configured to exclude reloads or internal user actions from their count, so they can get a more accurate measure of web traffic.

DigiKnow: A digital marketing agency that develops campaigns, systems and tools to connect people with clients’ ideas and products.

Digital Brand Engagement: Due to the way the Internet is fast evolving, especially through the social web and social media, there is now a plethora of digital channels which can be used to hold a dialogue between a Brand and a Consumer, or groups of consumers. Digital brand engagement is brand engagement with a key focus on communication via the web.

Digital Marketing: The use of digital technologies to create an integrated, targeted and measurable communications which help to acquire and retain customers while building deeper relationships with them.

DMA Market: The Designated Market Area. DMAs are usually counties (or sometimes split counties) that contain a large population that can be targeted.

Email Service Provider (ESP): Outside companies that send bulk emails on behalf of their clients to prevent their messages as being labeled as spam or blocked entirely.

ePub: A free and open e-book standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). Files have the extension .epub. EPUB is designed for reflowable content, meaning that the text display can be optimized for the particular display device used by the reader of the EPUB-formatted book. The format is meant to function as a single format that publishers and conversion houses can use in-house, as well as for distribution and sale.

False Positives: Legitimate messages being labeled as “spam”. Can cost companies potentially millions in potential lost revenue if not dealt with correctly.

Fax broadcast: Sending the same message by fax to multiple recipients, one after another.

Feed: A format that provides users with frequently updated content. Content distributors syndicate a Web feed, enabling users to subscribe to a site’s latest content. By using a news reader to subscribe to a feed, you can read the latest posts or watch the newest videos on your computer or portable device on your own schedule.

Geolocation: The identification of the real-world geographic location of an object, such as a cell phone or an Internet-connected computer terminal. Geolocation may refer to the practice of assessing the location, or to the actual assessed location.

GPRL (The Global Permanent Removal List): List that consists of records that are automatically removed from a particular database. Almost all email service providers (ESP) or multi-channel messaging companies maintain these lists for their clients.

iCloud: Stores your music, photos, apps, calendars, documents, and more. Wirelessly pushes them to all your devices—automatically. It’s the easiest way to manage your content.

Instant Messaging: A type of communications service that enables you to create a kind of private chat room with another individual in order to communicate in real time over the Internet.

jQuery: A fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript.

Keywords: Search queries are referred to as keywords when targeted by SEO and search engine advertising. Keywords may consist of more than one word.

Keynote (PPT platform): Program that lets you create presentations with powerful yet easy-to-use tools and dazzling effects. Open, save, and email slideshows as PowerPoint files.

Livestream: Taking the media and broadcasting it live over the Internet. The process involves a camera for the media, an encoder to digitize the content, a media publisher where the streams are made available to potential end-users and a content delivery network to distribute and deliver the content. The media can then be viewed by end-users live.

Microsite: A mini website design to promote a specific portion or brand from a larger corporate site. Used often with contests or as a landing page for a specific promotion.

Microblog: The act of broadcasting short messages to other subscribers of a Web service. On Twitter, entries are limited to 140 characters, and applications like Plurk and Jaiku take a similar approach with sharing bite-size media. Probably a more apt term for this activity is “microsharing.”

Mobile Apps: Small bundles of code designed and developed for use on a portable device are known as mobile device applications. They are intended to enhance the features of a portable device by providing additional functionalities and utilities that increase the device’s utilitarian and entertainment features.

Mobile Marketing: A set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.

Oovoo: Service that enables everyone to have face-to-face video calls over the Internet.

Open Rate: This is a ratio determined by the number of people who opened your email against the total number of people to whom you sent the message. Typically, this number will be low for large campaigns and higher for more targeted campaigns.

Opt-In List: A policy for giving permission under which the user explicitly permits the website operator to collect the information, use it in a specified manner and/or share it with others when such use or disclosure to third parties is unrelated to the purpose for which the information was collected.

Opt-Out List: A policy under which the user's permission is implied unless the user explicitly requests that his/her information not be collected, used and/or shared when such use or disclosure to third parties is unrelated to the purpose for which the information was collected.

QR (Quick Response)code: A two-dimensional matrix bar code that is used to identify products. It can store up to 4,296 alphanumeric or 7,089 numeric characters. Depending on the level of error correction applied, it can restore from seven to 30% of the missing data.

Podcast: An audio file which is intended to be syndicated by special Podcast feeds. For users who have subscribed to a Podcast feed it is automatically downloaded to their computers or portable listening devices like iPods or MP3 players.

Prezi:Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that opens up a new world between whiteboards and slides. The zoomable canvas makes it fun to explore ideas and the connections between them. The result: visually captivating presentations that lead your audience down a path of discovery.

ROI: Refers to the percentage yield provided for a given investment. This term is used for evaluating SEM and other forms of advertising by dividing the profit derived from advertising by the cost of that advertising.

RSS: Technology designed to allow users to subscribe to a specific content feed and be automatically alerted when new updates are available.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is now synonymous with Search Engine Advertising. It used to be an umbrella term referring to various techniques for acquiring website traffic from search engines, such as:
o Search Engine Submission
o Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
o Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising

SEO: Consists of various techniques that seek to improve the ranking of a website in search engine results. Websites should be optimized for keywords that are frequently searched upon by prospective customers. Optimization includes incorporation of these keywords into copy, page titles, link text, and various other elements of the website.

Short Code: A 5 or 6 digit number that is used to send and respond to text messages. They can either be a random set of numbers or a “vanity” number tied to a specific brand or number pattern.

SMS: Stands for "Short Message Service." SMS is used to send text messages to mobile phones. The messages can typically be up to 160 characters in length, though some services use 5-bit mode, which supports 224 characters. SMS was originally created for phones that use GSM (Global System for Mobile) communication, but now all the major cell phone systems support it.

Social Bookmarking: A method by which users locate, store, organize, share and manage bookmarks of Web pages without being tied to a particular machine. Users store lists of personally interesting Internet resources and usually make these lists publicly accessible.

Social Media Optimization: A set of practices for generating publicity through social media, online communities and social networks. The focus is on driving traffic from sources other than search engines, though improved search ranking is also a benefit of successful SMO.

Spam: Unsolicited "junk" email sent to large numbers of people to promote products or services. Sexually explicit unsolicited e-mail is called "porn spam." Also refers to inappropriate promotional or commercial postings to discussion groups or bulletin boards.

Streaming Technologies: Unlike downloadable podcasts or video, streaming media refers to video or audio that can be watched or listened to online but not stored permanently. Streamed audio is often called Webcasting. Traditional media companies like to stream their programs so that they can’t be distributed freely onto file-sharing networks.

Subscriber: A person who voluntarily gave his permission to be included on an Internet marketer’s mailing list by entering his contact information in a form.

Tag: Refers to labeling things with descriptive words that groups them in a certain category so they can be easily found when needed.

Targeting: Specifying an audience who share common needs or characteristics that a company decides to serve.

uStream: A site that allows you to broadcast video LIVE to the world from a computer, mobile or iPhone in minutes, or watch thousands of shows from News to Entertainment to celebrities, 24/7.

Voice Broadcast: Sending a pre-recorded voice messages to a large set of phone numbers at the time same. Can either be a voice call (meaning the recipient must answer the call for the message to play) or voice mail (meaning the message will play only if the recipient doesn’t answer)

Widget: A small graphical device that does a highly focused, often single, specific task. Web widgets can be embedded in web pages or run on the desktop of a PC (Windows or Mac) using software such as Apple's Dashboard software or Yahoo!

Web Video: Filmed videos taken with a camera or screen-captured video where the action on a computer screen is recorded.

Wireless Text Messaging: Sending short text messages between cell phones, pagers or other handheld devices. Messages are sent through SMS (short message service).

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Directory Submission - High Rank directories list

Benefit of Directory Submission

  • Faster Indexing
  • Better Ranking
  • Efective Keyword Targeting
  • Quality Directory Traffic

Steps to be Safe:

  • Submit the website in correct sub-category
  • Never submit your website in the wrong category
  • Do not provide wrong or un-authentic content    
  • Do not provide wrong Links

High Page Rank Directories List

  1. http://www.dmoz.org/
  2. http://www.exalead.com/
  3. http://www.scrubtheweb.com/
  4. http://www.entireweb.com/
  5. http://www.usalistingdirectory.com/
  6. http://www.marketinginternetdirectory.com/
  7. http://www.usgeo.org/
  8. http://www.dizila.com/
  9. http://hdvconnect.com/
  10. http://3tot.net/
  11. http://www.somuch.com/
  12. http://www.gigablast.com/
  13. http://www.activesearchresults.com/
  14. http://www.webworldindex.com/
  15. http://www.a1webdirectory.org/
  16. http://www.sonicrun.com/
  17. http://www.surfsafely.com/
  18. http://www.officialsearch.com/
  19. http://business-inc.net/
  20. http://www.secretsearchenginelabs.com/
  21. http://mastermoz.com/
  22. http://www.intelseek.com/
  23. http://www.infotiger.com/
  24. http://www.rdirectory.net/
  25. http://www.247webdirectory.com/
  26. http://www.w3catalog.com/
  27. http://www.ananar.com/
  28. http://www.amray.com/
  29. http://www.addbusiness.net/
  30. http://www.baikalglobal.com/
  31. http://www.acewebdirectory.com/
  32. http://www.1websdirectory.com/
  33. http://www.happal.com/
  34. http://www.livepopular.com/
  35. http://www.momsdirectory.net/
  36. http://www.nonar.com/
  37. http://www.bedwan.com/
  38. http://huttodirectory.com/
  39. http://thinkfla.com/
  40. http://add-oncon.com/
  41. http://wewebware.com/
  42. http://loadspy.com/
  43. http://www.aoldir.com/
  44. http://wewebware.com/
  45. http://loadspy.com/
  46. http://greefl.com/
  47. http://aviationprints.net/

Friday, December 20, 2013

Difference between rel=author and rel=publisher

What Is rel=author?
Google Authorship [rel=author] is a program instituted by Google in 2011 that allows authors to establish a verified, two-way connection between their Google+ profiles and their content anywhere on the web.

What Is rel=publisher?
rel=publisher is a schema.org markup tag that Google has adopted to allow web sites to create a verified connection between their official web sites and their Google+ brand pages.

What  Difference between rel=author and rel=publisher?

Friday, November 22, 2013

Terms to know Google Adwords

Search Engine – A website that gathers and sorts information from the Internet based on a specified topic

Search Field – Input box in the middle of the Google homepage

Search Query – The keyword(s) a user types into the Google search engine to find information on the

CPC – Cost per Click – You are charged every time a user clicks on your ad, but not every time your ad
appears in the search results

CPM – Cost per Impression You are charged every 1,000 times your ad appears on Google whether it is clicked or not

CTR – Click Through RateClicks/Impressions x 100 = CTR%

Keyword Based Advertising – Advertisements that are triggered by users search query

Daily budget – The daily spending limit for an AdWords campaign

Text ad headline – The title of your ad - used to attract users interested in your product or service

Display URL – Last line of an AdWords ad. It indicates the URL of the website the ad is linked

URL – Uniform Resource Locator (also called web address)

Affiliates – People who get paid commission to promote a merchants website

Superlatives – Words that emphasize superiority over others (i.e. Best, Greatest, etc)

Call-To-Action Phrase – Example “Buy here” or “Click here” are not allowed in ad text because they are
unrelated to the content of the site

Image Ad – A Google ad that includes an image

Trademark – A word, phrase, logo, or symbol that identifies and distinguishes a product or service from
others in the marketplace

Copyright – The legal right granted to an author, composer, playwright, publisher, or distributor to exclusive

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Terms to Know - Google Adwords

IP Address- Internet Protocol Address is a unique number assigned to each computer connected to the

Query Parsing- Google uses the query entered into the search field to determine what language and location ads should show.

Content Pages – web pages in the Google Content Network that show AdWords ads.

Contextual Targeting – targeting determined by the page a user is currently on.

Broad–Match Keyword – trigger ad from a search query including related words or mixed words.

Phrase-Match Keyword – Ad triggered when keyword phrase is included in the search query.

Exact-Match Keyword – Most precise method of targeting/ triggers ad only when precise phrase is searched.

Negative Keyword – Prevents ad from appearing when irrelevant keywords are present in a search query.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Understand Keyword Targeting -Google Adwords

Keyword Matching Options

Four types of keyword matching
  • Broad – reach the widest audience/ allows other words included in search query, mixed order of words, related words (i.e. car = buy used car, used car = car used, car = vehicle)
  • Phrase – triggers ad to appear when your keyword phrase is included in a search query/ can include extra words before and after keyword phrase (i.e. “buy car” = buy car cheap)
  • Exact – most precise method of targeting/ triggers ad only when precise phrase is searched (i.e. [buy new car] = buy new car)
  • Negative – prevents ad from appearing when irrelevant keywords are present (i.e. ‘buy toy car’ won’t show your ad if you specify toy as negative)

  • The default setting for any keyword is broad-matched.
  • No punctuation is necessary for broad-matched keywords.
  • Quotes are used to specify phrase-match keywords.
  • Brackets are used to specify exact-match keywords.
  • You can change keyword match types at any time.
Implementing Keyword Matching Options
  • Broad-match keywords provide the best possibility for a high number of impressions
  • Exact-match keywords will provide less impressions, but a higher rate of conversions
  • You can use multiple keyword matching options for different keywords in the same ad group
  • Negative keywords can be applied to an entire campaign or to specific ad groups