Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Understand Keyword Targeting -Google Adwords

Keyword Matching Options

Four types of keyword matching
  • Broad – reach the widest audience/ allows other words included in search query, mixed order of words, related words (i.e. car = buy used car, used car = car used, car = vehicle)
  • Phrase – triggers ad to appear when your keyword phrase is included in a search query/ can include extra words before and after keyword phrase (i.e. “buy car” = buy car cheap)
  • Exact – most precise method of targeting/ triggers ad only when precise phrase is searched (i.e. [buy new car] = buy new car)
  • Negative – prevents ad from appearing when irrelevant keywords are present (i.e. ‘buy toy car’ won’t show your ad if you specify toy as negative)

  • The default setting for any keyword is broad-matched.
  • No punctuation is necessary for broad-matched keywords.
  • Quotes are used to specify phrase-match keywords.
  • Brackets are used to specify exact-match keywords.
  • You can change keyword match types at any time.
Implementing Keyword Matching Options
  • Broad-match keywords provide the best possibility for a high number of impressions
  • Exact-match keywords will provide less impressions, but a higher rate of conversions
  • You can use multiple keyword matching options for different keywords in the same ad group
  • Negative keywords can be applied to an entire campaign or to specific ad groups


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