Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Best SEO Practices followed after Penguin Update

How to save the website from Penguin

The only ways to get saved is to follow the Google webmaster quality guidelines and Google Penguin rules, and try not to get into any sort of spamming activity. You may hide yourself for a while, however
sooner or later Google will surely find you out and penalize you for bad deeds.
Top symptoms that Penguin found you doing something “Anti‐Google”

When you try to find your website or company name on Google. Oops! It’s not there on Page 1
   or Page 2
Massive drop of ranking even with your high ranking keywords
You cannot find the website even on the bottom search result pages

Before doing anything else and starting to rebuild your website
Offpage Analysis
Check the background of your back‐links
Study the characteristics of the back‐links and find any unnatural pattern
Put all unnatural links on the removal lists
Check for any Negative SEO for your website
OnPage Analysis
Check the keyword stuffing on homepage
Any doorway pages
Cloaking activity on your website
Hidden links

SEO Practices after Penguin Update

Link Quality ‐ Get good quality links with help of quality content, interviews and good reviews
Anchor Text – Get links to your website and pages with some different anchor text
Unusual links – Get rid of unusual links. The links should come from a thematic source
Keyword Density – It should be close to 1.5% and target long tail keywords as they rank easily
Keyword StuffingStop it right now. Don’t stuff your website with too many and duplicate
ContentCreate content for users not for search engines
SEO Automation – Avoid using automated ways to optimize your website. They send automated
  queries to Google that violate its terms of service.
Be SocialGoogle gives high importance to social media and also gives you preference if you
   use Google’s services such as Google plus, Google places etc.
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