Sunday, November 4, 2012

New way to compose messages in Gmail

Google is introducing a new way to compose messages in Gmail. Instead of loading a whole new “compose” page, you can now start a new email from wherever you are in a popup window. The window isn't actually a new browser window, but rather an overlay on the Gmail page. The new compose looks like a Gmail chat window, though the compose version is a bit bigger.

Once you click the Compose button, click the "new compose experience" link right next to the Labels button at the top of the message. Until the change is fully launched, you'll be able to choose whether you use the new or current experience.

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  1. Wow...This is very interesting things..

  2. New style compose mail popup giving a new look with new features in a different way!!!

    Thanks for the Information giving on your post.

    Sachin Verma
    Web Master