Friday, October 25, 2013

Google Maps API - A Brief History

Google Maps was released in beta on February 7, 2005. The draggable map interface created a sensation. It was a “Wizard of Oz / Technicolor” moment for most web users. Who knew that a web application could be that smooth and responsive? For that matter, who knew that you could even do such a thing in a web browser?

On February 18, 2005, Jesse James Garrett of Adaptive Path published a seminal article that gave a name to this new style of web development: Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications. Suddenly,
Google Maps wasn’t simply a revolutionary mapping application; it became the poster-child for all web applications. Tim O’Reilly (founder of O’Reilly Media, Inc.) coined another phrase, “Web 2.0”,
that helped further define the difference between how web applications used to behave versus the new “Google Maps” way.

On June 29, 2005, Google released version 1 of their Mapping API. This allowed us to move from being simply consumers of the maps to actual producers. (Presumably, it’s the reason you’re reading this
book right now.)

On April 3, 2006, Google released version 2 of the Mapping API.

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