Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Toolbar Page Rank Update 4th Feb & Schedule 2013

Google Team no confirm officially this Page rank update (4th Feb 2013) yet, but lots of webmasters are notice changes in their Page Ranks so we can confirm that the first Page Rank update of the year has arrived.
Last Confirmed Toolbar Pagerank Updated was 7th November 2012

Update :- 3 projects only gain PR, rest same as before ..  :(

Google Page Rank Updates 2013 Schedule

Generally Google brings Page Rank Updates after 3-4 Months of Interval,These predictions are not accurate. Consider the following expected dates for PR update in 2013.

  • 1st Update – January 28 to February 6 – (PageRank updated February 4th-5th)  
  • 2nd Update – June 27 to July 7
  • 3rd Update – September 29 to 4 October
  • 4th Update – 24 December to 29 december

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