Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Glossary of Web Analytics and Terms

1- Abandonment - The number of customers who drop off during the process of conversion, like a half filled form or incomplete purchase.
2- Acquisition - Process of attracting visitors to a website or the number of visitors arrived.
3- Affiliate Marketing - A method of marketing where other websites can sign up to sell your products for a commission.
4- Bounce Rate - The instances of visitors entering and leaving the same page.
5- Click Through Rate - Usually used as banner ad success. It is number of clicks/ number of impressions.
6- Click Through - This is an instance of a click on a link leading to another section of the site or page, or another website.
7- Conversion – An activity which fulfills the intended purpose of a website like buying a product, filling up a form or subscribing to a newsletter. Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who successfully convert.
8- Conversion funnel – The defined path, like a series of steps or pages for a visitor to reach the final objective, like filling up a form or purchasing a product.
9- Cookie - A text file placed on the visitor’s computer while browsing a website. Cookies contain information to track returning visitors.
10- Crawler – An automated program used primarily by search engines and other services to gather information from the World Wide Web.
11- Entry Page – The first page viewed by a visitor while browsing through a website.
12- Exit Page – The last page viewed, rather the page from which the visitor exited.
13- Filters – A set of rules to extricate information from a large amount of data.
14- First Party Cookie – These cookies are placed by the websites unlike third party cookies placed by vendors. First party cookies are understood to be secure and reliable.
15- Hit – An often confused term, hits are any request by the browser to the web server. A web page is a collection of different components like HTML, Images and CSS, each registering as a separate hit with every single request for the page.
16- Impressions - Each view of an online advertisement is counted as an impression.
17- Key Performance Indicators – The crucial parameters showing the health of the website and success of marketing strategies.
18- Keywords – Words and phrases entered in a search engine to reach a result page. Keywords help position websites well to attract potential customers.
19- Log Files – A text file created in the server capturing all activity on the website. This file is the primary source of data for analysis.
20- Organic Search – Users find results through unpaid search engines, unlike PPC.
21- Page Duration – Time spent by visitor on a web page.
22- Page Tags – Tags are JavaScript codes embedded in the web page to be executed by the browser. Tags are used to generate log files used by certain Web Analytics Tools.
23- Page Views – Each rendering of the web page by the server is counted as a page view.
24- Path Analysis – Analysis on how visitors traverse through the website. Gives valuable information to check if they follow the intended site navigation etc.
25- Referrer – Websites, Search Engines or Directories or any others identifiable as the origin of the visitor.
26- Return Visitor – A visitor who can be identified with multiple visits, either through cookies or authentication.
27- Search Analytics – Analyzing search terms and behavior of visitors using the website search engine.
28- Session – The record of a single visitor browsing through the website. It includes an entry page, navigation and exit pages.
29- Stickiness – A website’s capability to retain visitors, measured as number of pages visited per session and time spent on website.
30- Visitor - Also called unique visitor, is understood as an individual visiting the website over a specified period of time. A visit is understood as two consecutive actions by a visitor within a span of 30 minutes.
31- Visitor Segmentation – The process of segregating and studying visitors based on various behavior patterns.
32- Web Analytics – The process of collection, measurement and analysis of user activity on a website to understand and help achieve the intended objective of the website.
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